Best final expense leads on the market!

FEX Life is a leading provider of life insurance leads. Proof of customer interest is ALWAYS included with our real time final expense lead generation orders!

Our real time generated leads

Real Time Final Expense! The newest and most innovative industry disruptor.. the best part? Proof of customer interest on a recorded line… PROOF OF INTEREST IS INCLUDED WITH EVERY LEAD GENERATED! Allow 7 days for lead order to be fulfilled as leads are generated in real time.. it doesnt get fresher than that... We cap orders after a certain amount to ensure quality over quantity.. we want a mutual relationship long term.. lets 10x your conversion 🚀!

Our aged final expense leads

Final expense leads are the best leads to sell an insurance product. We hand-select and verify only quality final expense leads that are currently in the market for a quote. Our selection criteria makes our aged final expense leads the most sought after in the industry.


    Why cant I order campaign leads?

    When we receive campaign orders exceeding the “limit”, our sole focus is to generate quality leads to fulfill orders — but dont worry! Sign up for updates to be the first to know when lead campaigns become available again 💪

    How does this vary from internet campaign or direct mail?

    Its simple! We kill the time it takes to mail something in, not even factoring in the harsh rate of return on response cards… and for the internet leads what else can we say aside from “I don’t remember filling that out”.. thats why our campaign leads come with proof of client interest.